May 5, 2014
/ba.'brook/ Top Album of 2013 by Texas Music

"Original and playful as one would expect from the chanteuse; a suptuous palette of pretty melodies,
lush orchestral arrangements and whimsical vocalizations a la Bjork or Kate Bush, delivered in a delightfully whispery, child-like soprano" [More]

Feb 2, 2014
Best Music of 2013, Austin Chronicle

Veterans Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Slaid Cleaves, Dale Watson, and Terry Allen made albums that will remain listenable years from now, while relative newbies the Carper Family, Wood & Wire, the Whiskey Sisters, and Aimee Bobruk showed they’re capable of making music that hits all the sweet spots. [More]

Aug 16, 2013
Aimee Bobruk's ButteryFly Stroke, Austin Chronicle

Bobruk swims race to raise over $500 for Austin's SIMS Foundation.

The local singer set a $500 fundraising goal for the local foundation, which provides low-cost mental health services for local musicians. It was a counselor there that encouraged Bobruk to seek regular exercise. She’s used SIMS services for the last two years.... Bobruk, possessed of a quavering alto and this year’s breakthrough disc, joined a swim team early this summer. It meets mornings three times a week for an hour, during which she works on her flip-turns and does integral training. As with most outside activities for a musician, gigging sometimes gets in the way. [More]

Jul 17, 2013
KUTX: Austin Music Minute "In Your Own Language"

All it took was the first listen to the album /ba:’brook/, and your Austin Music Minute maven was hooked. Aimee Bobruk steps straight out of a dream, but keeps those vivid, surreal images fresh in your mind so you don’t forget them. From there, she creates her own interpretation and images of it all. At least, that’s what it feels like. [More]

Feb 25, 2013
The Aquarian: Review /ba.'brook/

"Aimee Bobruk’s /ba.’brook/ is a collection of moving, sad, whimsical numbers that are dynamic, fresh, and leave the listener begging for more....The unique and talented Aimee Bobruk really hit the nail on the head with this a word dynamic." [More]

Feb 17, 2013
Beats Per Minute: On Deck, Aimee Bobruk

Far from being just another glossy face in a glut of singer-songwriter’s to emerge in recent years, Aimee Bobruk makes music which openly revels in its own eccentricities and unconventional approach to the material. And while not falling too far from the conventional wisdoms of the genre within which she finds herself, Bobruk’s music nevertheless feels distinct and pulses with an adaptability that few other artists have managed to achieve. Her latest record, the appropriately phonetic /ba:’brook/, shimmers with mournful sounds and an eye and ear toward eclectic arrangements. Boasting production duties from Brian Beattie (Shearwater, Okkervil River, Daniel Johnston), the songs feel organic without pretense, sure-footed without ever feeling static. Her songs simply exist, and Bobruk plucks them from the air as easily as she takes a breath. Recently, she took some time out of her busy schedule and talked with Beats Per Minute about some of her favorite records. Enjoy her choices in our latest installment of On Deck. [More]

Feb 5, 2013
Performer Magazine: Stripping Emotion From the Creative Process & Leading Spontaneous Studio Sessions

Aimee Bobruk, the artist behind the sultry, folk-rock album /ba.’brook/ is not your average songwriter. Most of her recent music is the result of games; she tries not to include emotion, and she is a proponent of quantity over quality when it comes to songwriting. [More]

Feb 2, 2013
Daily Local News (Philadelphia): Interview

Aimee Bobruk, a singer/guitarist who has been writing and performing for over 10 years, is neither a pop princess cranking out radio-friendly hit singles nor your average singer-songwriter strumming on a guitar and singing about lost love. [More]

Feb 1, 2013
Houston Press: Aimee Bobruk is "Two of A Kind" All By Herself

Austin's singer-songwriter darling Aimee Bobruk will be in town at Anderson Fair this weekend, and to herald her arrival, she recently recorded a fantastic music video for her tune "Two of a Kind." It's a simple yet fetching throwback to the days of silent film, with Bobruk playing both her feminine side as a flapper and a dapper gentleman in the vein of Charlie Chaplin.

The pair ape for the camera, trading affectations across a split screen that both enables communication and very definitively keeps them apart. It's a basic trick, but it brings the fractured nature of the song itself right to life.


Jan 30, 2013
Bobruk Brings Cinematic Sound to Youngstown, OH

Aimee Bobruk draws on a host of diverse influences with her songwriting and recording.

On her new album "/ba.'brook/" (the phonetic spelling of her last name), there's "A Day in the Life," which has the bouncy naivete of Kimya Dawson's songs from the soundtrack of the movie "Juno." "Desert Bloom" was inspired by a passage from a Carson McCullers short story, while "Perfect Circumstance" was influenced by a Japanese theater production she saw in Scotland.


Jan 24, 2013
Red River Noise: Made in Austin: Aimee Bobruk and the broad and mischievous sounds of /ba.’brook/

Aimee Bobruk lives in a snug pocket of sounds and artifacts, where dry roses hang from the ceiling and watercolors from strangers cover the walls. The buzz of brewing coffee follows the rhythm of raindrops falling outside, becoming the soundtrack to our conversation. I quickly learn that both Bobruk’s music and personality are reflected in the warmth of her home. The singer-songwriter attempts to stick to the subject of her upcoming album, /ba.’brook/ (to be released Jan. 29), but her words inevitably travel, in between soft “ums” and “uhs”, from lyrics to literature to film and everything in between. [More]

Jan 11, 2013
American Songwriter: Aimee Bobruk Avoids the Obvious in "A Day in the Life"

Although it shares its name with the final track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Aimee Bobruk’s “A Day In The Life” takes its inspiration from a different source: Kimya Dawson’s quirky, acoustic contributions to the Juno soundtrack. [More]

Jan 8, 2013
Nanobot Rock: Review /ba.'brook/

"Track by track, she conveys more than her meaning, she conveys beautiful new memories."

isn’t some “force to be reckoned with,” in fact Bobruk would probably slap me if I were to use that phrase in describing it. Her purpose is deeply rooted in simply what she wants to do with the hope that her emotion comes through." [More]

Jan 5, 2013
MOKB: Review /ba.'brook/

"...a quietly confident pile of creative energy; laced with achingly gorgeous guitar tendrils, out of the box percussion and effects, and Bobruk’s avant-pop compositions, which linger in the aural palate in the very best way, kind of like the yummiest mocha mousse ever." [More]

Jan 4, 2013 "Top Pick" /ba.'brook/

"Intriguing and decidedly unconventional modern pop from Austin, Texas-based artist Aimee Bobruk....sepctacular....This is a brilliant albym that will immediately be embraced by pop fans around the world." [More]

Jan 1, 2013
How Did I Get Here Audio Interview w/ Johnny Goudie

Austin's Insider Interview/Blog with Johnny Goudie

Listen to the Live Audio Interview:

Dec 17, 2012
The Deli

"Austin based singer-songwriter, Aimee Bobruk's southern take on folk is soft yet sophisticated." [More]

Dec 11, 2012 Spotlight

Two of Aimee’s strongest songs are found near the album’s end.  An alt-country vibe runs through “Is There Nothing”, which features pedal steel guitar lines that follow Aimee’s plaintive vocals as she asks “Is there nothing I can do or say / to make you wanna stay?”  “Trigger Finger” is even more of a venture, with Aimee displaying an emotive frisson that is nonexistent on previous album tracks.  Against minimal accompaniment of guitar and emphatic drums, Aimee sings in an anxious tone about the subject of violence and relationships, cutting through any niceties with the lines “Down on your knees / stop begging please.” [More]

Dec 9, 2012 "Two of a Kind"

I am usually a big fan of split-screen videos, as well as any time one person plays more than one character at the same time, so it's not really a surprise that this clever, 1920s-themed video for "Two of a Kind" by Aimee Bobruk is so good. It's very creative, and the aching, vintage sound makes the track really great too. [More]

Dec 6, 2012 Exclusive Video Premiere of "Two of a Kind"

"On the day of the shoot, I was a female flapper at 11AM, and by 7PM, I was a 1920's-era gentleman," says Bobruk of the video, inspired by the 1922 silent film Beyond The Rocks starring Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson. "In early theater and film, it was a very common practice for one actor to play multiple roles, both male and female, and since the song was originally a duet with myself - an older demo vocal recorded to a laptop, and a new recording - it seemed only fitting that I play both characters in the video. [More]

Nov 14, 2012
Direct Current, Radar: Aimee Bobruk

"To say that Austin-based songwriter Aimee Bobruk likes to color outside of the lines, musically speaking, would qualify as a pretty serious understatement...this is an musician who brings a distinctive visual focus to her art, as if she wants to see what others might hear." [More]

Nov 12, 2012
KUT Radio Austin Picks "Two of a Kind" as the Song of the Day

“When I hear music, I see pictures and the other way around,” says Austin singer-songwriter, Aimee Bobruk. “So naturally, when I write songs it starts with me trying to set an image to words and sound.” Those who study synesthesia might perk up with this statement, but for music fans, it’s also an interesting idea. Bobruk claims that a number of paintings, cartoons, and films inspired her upcoming album, /ba.’brook/.

Free Download "Two of a Kind" @

Nov 9, 2012
KUT's "Texas Music Matters" Interview

David Browne of "Texas Music Matters" Interviews Bobruk about her upcoming album, /ba.'brook/
Listen at:
*Bobruk segment about 1/2 way through progam. [More]

Nov 1, 2012
Those Who Dig: Feature Song

"Quite delightful" [More]

Sep 7, 2012
The Sound of Austin: Portraits by Mathew Sturtevant

Aimee Bobruk's photo and commentary featured in Austin's Premeire Photo Book [More]